hea Dry Skin Brushing to Detox Lymphatic System and Cellulite – Here’s How to Do it Properly

Dry Skin Brushing to Detox Lymphatic System and Cellulite – Here’s How to Do it Properly

Dry skin brushing is exactly what you read, it’s brushing dry skin and getting rid of stretch marks. Okay, it’s a little more technical than that, but not rocket science.

This is what you will need:

  • a dry skin brush or body brush for dry brushing with natural or vegan-friendly bristles
  • a dry naked body
  • a washroom *
  • a shower to jump into afterward

Dry Skin Brushing to Detox Lymphatic System and Cellulite – Here’s How to Do it Properly


Dry Brushing — How to get started

  1. Get yourself naked!! In a room that is not carpeted — dry skin is gonna be cascading off your body, you don’t want it hiding out in the fibres of your carpet.
  2. Body Brush in hand, start at the base of your feet. To dry brush move upwards in circular or sweeping motions. When dry brushing you always want to move towards your heart. Therefore — from your feet to your breast/chest you are moving up, and from the neck to your breasts/chest, you are moving down.
  3. Make sure you get your backside, the palms of your hands and your neck.
  4. Be gentle with the areas of your body where your skin is sensitive. If you are sensitive everywhere, not to worry — use very little pressure on the body brush and start off with only dry brushing for 2–3 minutes.
  5. Take your time when dry brushing. You are going to want to go over the same area a few times, so work your way up slowly.
  6. Throw on some music while you are doing this — it should take about 6 minutes if you only have 2 minutes to spare — hey that’s good!! Every little bit helps!!
  7. When you are all done jump into the shower and wash yourself off. Be prepared to feel amazing, your skin will breathe out a sigh of relief.
  8. When you are all done, dry yourself off by softly patting down your skin — move towards the heart.
  9. Moisturize with a natural cream, coconut oil, olive oil or shea butter.

Why you should try dry brushing

You love your body so show it with some circular motions!! Dry brushing your skin moves your lymphatic system (a bit on that below) which is your body’s defence system. It circulates around the body transporting lymph. When you are stagnant or if you injure a lymph vessel lymph can spill into the interstitial matrix creating a lymphatic cyst. Another thing that unhealthy and immobile lymph can create are stretch marks. If you’ve had a major lymph node removed (one located under the armpit, your neck or your groin) dry skin brushing as well as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is essential, primarily in the prevention of swelling of the surrounding body parts located in the vicinity of the removed or damaged lymph node.

Furthermore, being your body’s defence system the stimulation of the lymphatic system also aids in cleansing the body of toxins as the lymphatic system cleanses some of the bodies waste (in the lymph nodes). The lymphatic system is also responsible for transporting nutrients around the body. Therefore increasing the circulation of the lymphatic system aids in increasing the energy flow through the body. Making it a great practice to include in your morning routine.

Lastly, I shall reiterate the physical beauty it will instill onto you. Apart from making you feel great on the inside, it will also make your outer shell feel amazing!! Clearing off your dead skin cells by dry brushing will over time you will be left with baby soft skin …. all the time (if your body is experiencing a rather bad imbalance of nutrients this may implicate this from happening). Softening/eliminating those stretch marks won’t hurt either!


4 Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing

It Helps Boost The Lymphatic System

The functions of our cardiovascular and circulatory system depend on our heart. It moves all the toxic build-ups as well as system`s fluids. The lymphatic system can’t deal with these things.

If you brush your lymphatic system properly, you’ll manage to eliminate all the toxic matters and transport white blood cells into your lymph nodes.

It Helps Your Digestion and Kidneys

You may think these things are unrelated, but they are actually very connected.

If you manage to massage the proper lymph nodes, it will help you remove all the excess of water as well as toxic waste that make you feel bloated. Dry skin brushing will also help your kidneys work easily.

Stress Management

If you do skin brushing every day, it can be addictive. You’ll relieve stress because it acts like a complete body massage. You relax your mind as well as your muscles.

It’s Your Skin’s Best Friend

This procedure eliminates your dead skin cells, but it also helps you remove cellulitis and prevent it at the same time. The toxic build-up will become filtered throughout your body more often.

A Quick Guide to Dry Brushing

What you need is a stiff bristled brush that is completely natural. You need the one that has a detachable handle so that you’ll be able to reach any part of your body.

The best time to do this is before you shower in the morning. You need to do it every day. Try to make it your new routine!

Use long sweeping motions when you’re brushing. You shouldn’t do it too roughly because it’s important to cause stimulation and not to irritate your skin.

Start from your feet. Then, go up to your heart gradually. Use soft circular brush strokes when you’re on the stomach area.