Treatment and prevention of vaginal infections

Urinary tract infections are an unpleasant and painful condition that more often affects women. It is thought that one in five women faces a urinary tract infections at some point in their lives. The main reason is the female anatomy, or the small distance between the anus and the urethra, which facilitates the passage of bacteria (usually Escherichia coli) to the urinary tract. 

Treatment and prevention of vaginal infections


The symptoms of urinary tract infections are easily noticeable and you can not ignore them. These include frequent and strong urge to urinate; pain and burning urination; turbid urine sometimes has a strong smell or contains blood; pressure in the lower abdomen. The urinary infections are commonly treated with antibiotics but they can reoccur, so prevention is very important. There are many things you can do to protect against urinary infections and to never encounter this irritating problem. These tips will help you and make treatment easier in cases when you have this type of infection.

Maintain good personal hygiene

After urination always wipe from front to back to prevent the passage of bacteria from the anus to the urethra. The intimate area should be washed at least once a day. Do not use perfumed toilet paper or intimate powders and perfumes. Prefer shower instead of lying in a bathtub.

Drink large amounts of fluids

The more fluid you drink, the more you “wash” the bacteria.

Intake vitamin C

The vitamin C increases the acidity of the urine and reduces the growth of bacteria.

Urinate whenever you feel the need

Never postpone urination. Holding urine in the bladder over an extended period gives the bacteria a convenient location for breeding.

Urinate before and immediately after sexual intercourse

Always urinate before and after sex to get rid of the bacteria that you would penetrate through the urethra. Before intercourse have a glass of water.

Use sanitary pads instead of tampons

Tampons increase the risk of developing urinary tract infection, so if you are prone to infection use pads. Change the hygienic pads during each visit to the toilet.

The cranberry tea and/or blueberries can help

Cranberry tea or juice helps in treating urinary tract infections, but it is definitely not a cure. A visit to the doctor is a must. It is best to drink natural unsweetened cranberry juice. It is also recommended a consumption of blueberry juice. When you buy cranberry tea, always read the label, since many teas contain only a small percentage of cranberry.

Do not wear tight clothes and G-strings, prefer cotton panties

Cotton underwear allows the skin to breathe and reduces the humidity which encourages the growth of bacteria. Say “no” to the narrow trousers and G-strings if you are prone to infections

Do not wear a wet swimsuit for a long period of time

If you wear a bathing suit which is hardly dried, change it immediately after coming out of the water. It is advisable to buy swimwear from materials which are easily dried. Water suit can cause vaginal infection

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods

Alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, and spices can only worsen the situation. While struggling with urinary infection, it is necessary to completely avoid them.

When faced with symptoms of urinary infection, see a doctor immediately. The above tips can help you in the treatment, but they should not be considered as a substitute for medical treatment. If you do not treat the urinary infections on time they can be a serious problem.


How To Cure An Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours With This Home Remedy?

He said that he was struggling against an eye infection, known as Chalazion cysts, situated on the upper eyelids. He made sure to bring the boiling solution to a normal temperature so that it didn’t hurt or injure his eyes. He used eye cups to wash his infected eye with the solution throughout the day and it actually acted as a healing agent to the eye problem, which he has been suffering from, for almost 24 months at a stretch. Since he found this simple and no cost solution to have a miraculous effect, Wayne Goss, the patient and the creator uploaded his fight against the problem on the web.

How To Cure An Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours With This Home Remedy?


It is surprising to find that easily available kitchen items can do wonders in treating an eye infection that even expensive ointments fail to do. It might sound surprising, but this is a fact and it has been proved by a man named Wayne Goss, who treated his eye infection. He shared his story regarding the eye infection and how it affected him for nearly two years before he came up with an excellent solution right at his home. You can certainly take cues from him on how to cure an eye infection.

The most surprising fact was that the eye problem that was troubling him for so long had an easy and rather very simple and mundane solution. You won’t believe he used only boiling water and a few teaspoons of salt to come up with the magical solution that actually healed his eye infection within a short time span of twenty four hours.



This is basically a lump that occurs in both the upper and lower eyelids due to the blocked oil glands. In majority of the cases, this eye infection will go away without any treatment, but often like Wayne’s case, it might stay there for years especially when proper treatment is not conducted. It might become so large in size that it may completely block your vision as you won’t be able to open your lids. In certain cases, Chalazion cysts occur due to skin cancer.

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  • Highly sensitive to light
  • A lump on the upper or lower eyelid that you have never experienced before
  • Blurred vision
  • Tender and soft spot of the affected eyelid
  • Increased tears

These are some of the early signs and symptoms of the eye infection. You can try out Wayne Goss’s method of treating the problem the moment you start experiencing any of the symptoms. But, you should ask your doctor, before you apply this solution, because only you or him, are best judges of your situation.


Since the cyst will create pressure in your eyes alongside irritation, redness, swelling and even pain, people often go under the knife. One of the most common ways to get rid of Chalazion cysts is via a method in which the eye surgeon will turn your eyelids inside out and will make small slits in the eyelids. You can completely get rid of the problem. But you will be suggested rest with a bandaged eye for a few days before you begin your normal life activities.

How to Use a Low Carb Diet Plan for Good Health

Although some nutrition experts suggest that consuming high levels of complex carbohydrates is the best way to fuel the body, others disagree. Many people find that a low carb diet plan is a much healthier match for their needs. As genetic research unfolds, researchers have been able to identify markers related to how the body processes foods. 

How to Use a Low Carb Diet Plan for Good Health

For those who are overweight and interested in getting into shape, a low carb plan can often be of great help. If you feel energized when you don’t eat meat, or feel lethargic when you consume carbs, you should give this lifestyle a try. You might discover that inadequate consumption of meats and produce has deprived your body of valuable nutrients while indulging in carbs has created problems.

While you can consume a minimal amount of carbs on a low carb diet plan, you must count and remain below a certain amount if you are to be successful. Fortunately, the rules regarding carbs are pretty simple once you grasp the massive amount of hidden carbs in your diet.

A low carb diet includes lots of fresh produce. However, there is a caveat. Most fruits, carrots and some other veggies contain high amounts of natural sugars and must be consumed in limited quantities. Find out what is in the foods you enjoy and how many carbs you can eat daily with your diet plan. This will prevent accidental mistakes that could ruin your efforts.

Eating the right foods is an excellent choice for boosting your health and shedding extra pounds. But you should not focus your diet solely on your food consumption. Along with nutrition, you need to address your levels of physical activity. Take the opportunity to boost your heart rate when possible by taking the stairs, walking to local venues and dancing to your favorite tunes whenever possible.

Even if you have not become aware of it, your mental health might be a factor in your weight gain. Men and women who overindulge sometimes have pains and traumas that they are attempting to cover up. New moms often have a difficult time adjusting to their new role, with their own nutritional needs taking backseat to the demands of family.

However, you must address these concerns if you are going to achieve a healthy, serene self. Past pains need to be released and moms need to raise their own self-esteem and practice self-care in order to be present for their families. No matter what type of mental or emotional turmoil you might have going on, find the means to address it. Online self-help groups and therapy are two great options available as pressure valves.

Significantly reducing the number of carbs you consume each day forces your body to start breaking down your fat stores and converting them to energy. While some diets leave folks feeling slow and hungry, the low carb plan is an energizing way to lose weight without feeling like you are starving in the process!

Scientists Found a Way to Regrow Teeth in 2 Months

Losing teeth as an adult can be scary to think about, but it’s an issue that many people face. Over a quarter of adults lose all their teeth by the age of 74. While dental implants can help, they can be really uncomfortable, especially since they don’t adapt to the mouth as it ages. However, a new technique might help people to grow new teeth in just 9 weeks using the patient’s own adult stem cells. 

Scientists Found a Way to Regrow Teeth in 2 Months


We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for breakthroughs in health and science that might just end up helping us someday.

Researchers from New York City’s Columbia University Medical Center hope that they can get a patient’s own stem cells to grow an anatomically correct tooth. In addition to that, the new tooth will actually grow in a person’s empty socket, even allowing it to merge with the surrounding gum tissue. They’ve already proven the ability to grow the teeth, though not in humans yet.

According to the Journal of Dental Research, the researchers conducted an experiment using 22 rats. After growth factors were implanted in the rats’ mouths, new bone material regenerated and integrated within 9 weeks. According to the researchers, this is the first time teeth-like structures have been regenerated in a living organism.

If this treatment proves successful in humans, there can be a variety of benefits that come along with the new procedure. Since the tooth is grown in the socket where it will stay, there is also no need to harvest outside stem cells or create an outside environment for the tooth as it grows. Because of this, researchers hope that this will be a more cost-effective solution for patients who can’t afford dental implants. In addition, since the tooth grows right in the mouth, there will likely be less recovery time and it will be less likely for teeth to fail.

For the time being, however, dental implants are the closest thing we have to help people replace lost teeth. Unfortunately, implants can be painful, require a long healing process, and don’t often adapt to aging mouths, which can cause the implant to fail altogether. That said, this new alternative might become a reality quite soon. Even now, Columbia University has filed patent applications for this new technology and is also looking at ways to make the process commercially available.

Do you think this new procedure will end up helping a lot of people in the long run? Do you hope this technology arrives soon? Let us know in the comments!

Signals Our Body Sends To Tell We Are Not Healthy – Do Not Ignore Them!

Human body is a complex system and every possible change indicates a condition that you should pay more attention to. It is in its nature to detect whenever things go wrong.
We have covered the most important “signals” your body sends every time something wrong happens. Make sure you do not ignore none of them.


Signals Our Body Sends To Tell We Are Not Healthy – Do Not Ignore Them!


Moles are usually harmless, but if you notice moles appearing after your skin has been exposed to sun, make sure you consult your doctor.

Gray hair (sooner than you turn 40)

If 50 percent of your hair turns gray in younger ages, and there is no similar case in your family history, you may be dealing with diabetes.

Cracked lips

This is commonly caused by temperature changes and wind. But, if you deal with this condition more often, you may have a fungal infection or vitamin B deficiency.

Swollen neck

You should most certainly not ignore this. Human neck swells as a result of thyroid malfunction, usually in women aged between 20 and 50.

Eye whites

They should be always white, as literal as it may sound. Of course, that does not apply in cases of insufficient sleep or cold. Yellow eye whites indicate jaundice or liver/bile related problems. If your eye whites are red, you may have hypertension or any viral disease.

Red palms

This is a sign of eczema, dermatitis or allergic reaction. Red palms sometimes indicate liver problems.

Eye brows

If you lose your eye brows suddenly, you may have problems with your thyroid gland, it could be either hyperthyreose or hypothyreose. 

Changes in nails

Nails tell a lot about your health condition, and certain changes may indicate a wide number of ailments. Thin and cracking nails are oftentimes a matter of genes, but they may also indicate calcium deficiency. Improper thyroid function also causes changes in your nails.

Simple Thyroid Testing At Home

Once upon a time, a salt shaker fell in love with a girl
Late at night it would sneak into her bedroom along with popcorn, only to be discovered by the family later. Sometimes it would jump off the bedside table and roll under the bed to avoid detection, but they always found it.

Wait, that’s not right. I’m pretty sure it was the other way around, and it was the girl who was in love with salt  . . . they used to call her The Salt Bandit or something. Yeah, that’s definitely it. I should know, because that person is me.

Simple Thyroid Testing At Home


My salt cravings are no mystery – they nourish the adrenals, which tend to be weak in my family. As part of the endocrine system, they’re inextricably linked to another organ we all need to be talking about – the thyroid.

Seriously, we do. According to The American Thyroid Association, one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime, but about 60% of those affected will never know. (source) The numbers for men are better, but not by much.

For those struggling with low energy levels, difficulty focusing, moodiness or an inability to maintain a healthy weight, the identification of a thyroid issue (if present) is obviously very helpful in getting the most out of life that’s possible.

In this post, I’ll share a simple thyroid testing method you can do at home that many practitioners recommend to determine whether there might be a problem. Please note that this post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I am simply sharing an at-home observation technique that many practitioners recommend to their patients as part of an overall diagnostic process. It’s essential to work with a qualified, knowledgeable practitioner if you suspect you might have a thyroid issue.


The thyroid is often called the “thermostat” of the body because it produces the hormone we need to keep warm. It does this by converting a hormone made by the pituitary gland, TSH, into T4 and T3. Unfortunately, when the thyroid is struggling it is unable to keep the body at the right temperature setting. Certain enzymes don’t function as well under colder/hotter conditions, which can set a number of disease processes in motion.

According to the Mayo Clinic, low thyroid can lead to heart disease, depression, infertility, birth defects, myxedema, peripheral neuropathy, and goiter. (source)

Why your thyroid might be off even if you your tests come back normal:

Do you have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and yet your tests come back normal? According to some experts, the TSH test used to determine thyroid function is not always reliable. Here’s why: The hormone T4 is inactive in the body, so the body converts it to active T3.