Gross Things Your Body Does When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days

We all have those days when we don’t feel like showering, I mean it’s natural, most of us are just too lazy to get up and get the job done, especially as adults when we don’t have anyone pushing us into the shower anymore. And it happens. we totally relate, but have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you fail to wash it on a daily basis? No? Well, we’ve compiled some points and explained them in graphic detail, brace yourself! Hopefully this will be the motivation you need to get up and take a bath!

Gross Things Your Body Does When You Don’t Shower For 2 Days


6. The smell:

Yes, lets discuss the inevitable, you will totally smell if you don’t shower, so might as well just get down and done with it. And the thing about the smell is that you don’t just smell cause of all that sweat and dirt, it’s actually the bacteria that’s been accumulating in your underarms and basically everywhere on your body.

5. Getting crusty:

Once its been long enough all the sweat and dirt is going to start getting crusty, yes, by that we mean layer of sweat just peeling off your body and you’re left wondering what the stuff is. Before it comes to this point though, we believe its better that you start bathing, I mean, it’s not that hard, just get it done.

4. Getting sick and diseased:

Bad hygiene is one of the top reasons why people get sick around the world, it’s usually poor conditions that helps bacterial and fungal germs to develop and thrive, and the skin can only take so much of the hit before it started getting sick as well, fungal infections of the skin are usually because of poor hygiene and sweat accumulation. As discussed previously a lot of airborne diseases also find their way into our body because of our carelessness when it come to our overall cleanliness.

3. Rashes and redness on the skin:

As mentioned previously fungal infections are among the first to make homes on our skin as the sweat and moisture is exactly where they need to grow. Such fungal infections can lead to itching and redness and ultimately to rashes and other skin problems. Such issues can usually be resolved by started to shower daily, but an increased number of fungal infections can be due to immunodeficiency it’s better to get it checked by a doctor if the rashes and redness don’t go away after bathing.

2. All previous skin conditions worsen:

Leaving your skin exposed to the sun and dust and then not even cleaning it after the day’s done can do nothing put pressure and worsen all the skin conditions your already suffering from, and not bathing doesn’t just cause problems for skin, it worsens all kinds of diseases, and makes the healing process harder for your body, so sometimes the best thing to do if you are sick its better is to get up and wash it off.

1. Oily hair:

A lot of people suffer from having oily hair, and the dirt only makes your hair look worse in combination to all that oil. It gives you a dirty appearance and totally ruins your look completely by making you appear odd and unclean.

In conclusion:

It’s important to understand that bathing not only helps our immune system in its mission to keep us healthy and secure, it also does wonders for our self-esteem and our public image. So when you wake up in the morning, do shower. Remember beauty is all about self-care and maintenance!

6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love: Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Women are the most amazing gift men can have. Women care about men, love them, however, they also annoy men the most. Hence, many habits of women can really touch a nerve in men. For example, you constantly call him, you act like a child while doing something, you take selfies, you spend too much time shopping, etc. Nonetheless, there are some habits of women which men adore:

6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love: Number 5 Will Blow Your Mind!

1. Her head in his chest

Men simply love it when a woman puts her head on their chest. In those moments, they feel as if they are giving their loved one a sense of security.

2. She plays with his hair while he’s driving

This is not only because of the physical pleasure from stroking his head, but men experience the caress as an expression of affection, love, and need for contact from the partner.

3. She praises him on Facebook

Men can’t get enough of public appreciation.

4. She listens to him carefully

This makes him feel loved.

5. Sends him texts and calls him when she’s with friends

Guys love it when women show that they think of them although they are busy with something else.

6. Affection in public

A man’s heart beats faster when you hold his hand or when you correct his hair while waiting in the checkout line.

10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

“Dreams are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand.” – Carl Jung.

Carl Jung was a 19th century psychotherapist. He conducted a series of studies and concluded that looking into dreams was opening a door into consciousness and the spirit world.

10 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore


Dreams are a reflection a person’s sub conscious. Reading into dreams allows us to decode a person’s thoughts and repressed emotions. The dominant emotions and feelings in a person’s sub conscious manifests itself in the form of recurrent symbols in their dreams.

Here are 10 symbols common to dreams that you should never ignore:


If you see yourself flying in your dream you need to reach ambition. Dreams of flying indicate excessive freedom and the urge to achieve and accomplish everything on your way.


The symbol of water is usually related to purity and calmness. It is considered extremely pious to dream about water. It signifies that the water is washing out the old and paving way for something new and great.


Some dreams with teeth signify aging. Others however relate to stress and anxiety. A dream about pulling out teeth denotes the need to come out.


Dreaming of death usually symbolizes the ending of something. But in some cases dreams of death may also mean a loved one is trying to connect with you.


Dreaming of being pregnant means some major growth is on your way. It is a symbol of development and fruitful desires.


Dreams of houses symbolize the self and its different aspects. Dreaming about an attic indicates hidden memories while dreaming of a basement indicates the intuition.


Dreams about money relate to one’s prosperity.

If you see yourself winning a huge sum of money then you’re on the verge of a change in your lifestyle. If you dream of losing money it symbolises your fear of losing money.

The lack of financial stability is one of the leading causes of stress in a person’s life. Money drives the flow of life.


Dreaming of adultery symbolises repressed sexual urges that demand to be expressed. They may also result from a person’s lack of self-worth or an unstable relationship.

Insecurity in any relationship may lead to such dreams.


Dreams of fire have several meanings depending on their context. Seeing fire at a distance means possibilities and the desire for transformation. But if you see yourself playing with fire it means a warning for risky situations that are on their way. If you dream of starting a fire it symbolises your repressed anger.


Dreams that centre on nudity or nakedness are pretty common. They relate to one’s fear of being exposed. If in the dream one sees some other person naked it mostly means their loss of respect. Such dreams signify the “naked truth” being exposed. They also indicate the need to accept flaws and imperfections.

If you often dream of being naked you’re probably afraid of showing the world your real self.

The dreams are our mind’s interpretation of what we see and feel when we are awake.

Do You Drool When You Sleep? You Are Very Lucky Then And We Will Explain Why

Resting is an essential procedure for our body. On the off chance that we need to have a beneficial and dynamic life, we need a decent night’s rest each time our day closes, keeping away from restlessness or averting sleep deprivation.

Do You Drool When You Sleep? You Are Very Lucky Then And We Will Explain Why


It happens that those individuals who neglect to satisfactorily accommodate a decent night’s rest, are influenced their cerebrum capacities in an extremely negative manner. Indeed, even his wellbeing presents significant wear.

Notwithstanding the extraordinary delight and the huge need we have with respect to the long periods of rest, we won’t have the capacity to spend in our bed as long however we see fit. Individuals need to go out to work or think about and perform for the duration of the day.

The individuals who have not dozed enough and have exhaustion for the duration of the day can feel inconvenience in the body, awful disposition or a medical issue because of absence of vitality. So once in a while the body tries to make another rest cycle and you wind up dozing around your work area or on the transport.



It happens that after a decent rest, you wake up and feel that the territory where your head rested, has slobber. Many trust this must be a forbidden since on a few events they have come to taunt somebody for this activity. Be that as it may, you should feel fortunate to have a place with a specific gathering of individuals.

The activity of slobbering when dozing is an indication that the fantasy was very positive and that the body is resting exceptionally well. There are a few periods of rest, notwithstanding, it is known as REM or quick eye development to the stage that permits you a relaxing and profound rest.

When you slobber, it implies that the REM stage is being continuous, so you don’t have any rest issues, you don’t have intrusions or unsettling influences of it. Along these lines, you can rest and rest your body as not very many do.

In the event that then again, you don’t slobber, it tends to be an indication that your rest propensities are influenced for the duration of the night and rest is lacking. Keep in mind that for a decent close to home and expert improvement is fundamental to rest. On the off chance that you have a rest issue, don’t waver to see a confided in specialist.

You Are NOT Fat! You Only Have ‘Poop’ Stuck In Your Belly!

You are surely familiar with the recommended dosage of water every day. Of course, it is important to stay hydrated. Therefore, consuming ‘watery’ foods and drinking plenty of water can be the key to losing a lot of weight.

The ‘watery’ foods you should consume are fruits, vegetables, like greens and melon that contain a huge amount of health benefits. Furthermore, they will provide your body with the energy it needs in order to keep the body healthy.

You Are NOT Fat! You Only Have ‘Poop’ Stuck In Your Belly!

In other words, you need enough fluid in your body to prevent constipation, bloating, and water retention. Therefore, try consuming 8 glasses of water to prepare your body for the most amazing remedy for losing weight.

Or in this case, relieving constipation, bloating and food retention.

Sassy Water

The best and most ideal remedy for solving this problem is Sassy Water. Plus, it has a more interesting taste than plain water. Furthermore, the ingredients that it contains can soothe and calm the GI tract. This is crucial for keeping the body healthy.

Besides, everyone who has problems with their belly tries to find the easiest way to reduce it. That is where Sassy Water comes in. It contains no calories, and it can boost digestion and balance the equilibrium.

Plus, it is even a part of a ‘Flat Belly Diet’ which was invented by Cynthia Sass. This diet focuses on water consumption as the main way to lose weight. Here is the recipe for making Sassy Water.


  •     2 liters of water
  •     1 sliced lemon into rounds
  •     12 small mint leaves
  •     1 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger
  •     one peeled and sliced cucumber


Put all the ingredients in a big pitcher and mix them well. Let them sit overnight in the fridge so that the healthy compounds will merge. After your drink is ready, drink at least 4 glasses per day during the entire day.

For best and fastest results, try drinking a glass of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach. After the first two hours, you will feel that you have lost 1 pound. According to nutritionists, consuming this type of water can regulate the metabolism and digestive system.

Furthermore, it is great for someone who usually practices physical activities.

Important note: This drink is not recommended for nursing or pregnant women. Also, people who are allergic or have stomach problems should never consume this drink. But, if you are healthy, feel free to try it out.

Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand- Here Is The Reason

Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand- Here Is The Reason


Large number of people have the habit to drink water in the morning, right after they wake up. Probably your parents have told you that it is very healthy.

If you have this strange habit, probably you have noticed that the water have strange taste.The food contains sugars and proteins which cans be easily targeted by microbes and to come to pollution. Although regular water does not contain any of these nutrients and there is no explanation from which comes the strange taste in the water that stood on the nightstand over the night by your bed.

Still, there is large amount of dust and bacteria that can be gathered in that glass of water. When water is exposed to air it absorbs carbon dioxide and a small part of that CO2 is converted into carbonic acid, which means that water exposed to the air changes its chemical composition. So, when carbon acid releases one or two protons and is turned into carbonate or bicarbonate, it lowers the pH of water and changes its taste.

The water actually is not bad, but certainly has changed the taste after standing all night in the nightstand and gathering bacteria and dust from the air.

After reading this, surely you will think twice if you should or should not drink it.