10 Minute Workout - ABS

10 Minute Workout - ABS


When your schedule is almost too hectic to deal with, a 10 minute workout can be a real lifesaver and, honestly, a sanity-saver as well. Making time for exercise might feel like a hassle in the moment, but you'll very likely be glad you did it.


Working out comes with a host of health benefits, from boosting your immunity to helping you sleep better at night. Plus, workouts don't have to be long drawn-out affairs to be effective or for you to get any benefits from them. When done right and with appropriate intensity, a 10 minute workout can be an incredibly effective way to work up a sweat, get your heart pumping, and get your muscles working.


Plus: When you compare 10 minutes of working out to zero minutes of working out, 10 minutes is almost always better! So the next time you're feeling frazzled and rushed but also a bit restless, try a 10 minute workout an of the 10 below will do! to clear your head, take a break, and stay on track with your fitness routine. 


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