What Happens To Your Body When You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time

What Happens To Your Body When You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time

The human body has is a mechanism of its own and it has clocks that are in control of the way the organs in the body work.

According to the Chinese medicine, in the 24-hour cycle the human body dedicates different energies to different organs.

This means that if you wake up at the same time every night, the energy in the body is physically or spiritually obstructed and that the natural balance of the body is disrupted.

In the list below you can find out what the link between the wake-up times and the body organs, so you can find out what is the cause of your symptoms:

9 pm To 11 pm

The time between 9pm and 11pm is when the endocrine system restores its balance and refills the enzymes.

The endocrine system controls the metabolism and the hormones, so waking up or having problems to fall asleep at this time, may be because of poor diet, or a heavy meal late in the day, but it also can be due to an anxiety produced by the events of the day that has passed or due to worries about the day coming.


11 pm To 1 am

This is the time when the yin energy converts into yang, so if you are waking up between 11 pm and 1 am it can be a sign of some resentment you are dealing with.

Because of the activity of the yang energy, you need to try being calm, positive, loving, and save your energy for the next day if you want to get rid of this problem. But the waking up at this part of the night can also be caused by the inability of the gallbladder to properly break down the consumed unhealthy fats.


1 am To 3 am

This is when the detoxification and renewal of the body takes place and when the liver releases the toxins and the blood is fresh and clean. So if you have a problem waking up between 1 am and 3 am, it may be due to negative feelings such us frustration and anger, or it may be due to a malfunction of the liver.


3 am To 5 am

This is the time when the lungs should be repairing and filling the body with oxygen and when the body should be warm enough to speed up its functions.

It is recommended for you to try some breathing techniques if you wake up at this time of the night, because from a spiritual side of view, this might be a symptom of grief and sadness.


5 am To 7 am

The time between 5am and 7am is when the large intestine is extremely active and it breaks down toxins and removes them from the body. So if you wake up every night at this time you should try eating healthier and not eating too late.

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