4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy

4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy

Japan is known as one of the countries with the population who have a slim and healthy body. This is not unrelated to their lifestyle and diet.

According to the Western health expert, one should consider three important elements in the struggle to lose weight. 


Here is what you should know:

  • Diet makes up 80-90% of the achievement;
  • Workout can significantly boost the effects;
  • The workout must include cardio, weights, and flexibility for optimal weight loss.

You should consume a balanced diet, engage in physical activity, and drink lots of water to stay in excellent health and fit. However, when it comes to wellness and weight loss, every culture has its own set of standards.

But various laws are followed in every society. We provide you with the top four Japanese health precautions. We find the Japanese methods and therapies a little odd, yet they seem to be very effective, as the WHO reports that the Japanese have the world's longest life expectancy.

While every Western culture holds that calories play a major role in both weight gain and loss, the Japanese have a rather different perspective.

These are their secrets when it comes to health and weight loss:

Warmth is the most important

The food we consume is turned into energy. During the summer, fruits and vegetables cool the body and ease the adjustment of the body to the high temperatures.

On the other hand, the food we consume in the winter is higher in calories, as the body needs to warm up in the cold weather. Raw foods are beneficial, but you should also try to consume warmer foods more often.



Japanese believe that liquids negatively affect digestion, so they do not drink anything while eating.

Liquids cool the system and absorb its warmth. Also, water neutralizes the stomach acid, so the system will need to spend additional energy to digest foods. The best sources of liquids are soups, fruits, and vegetables.


If you eat like a sumo wrestler, you will look like one

Sumo wrestlers eat nothing for breakfast, and as soon as they get up, they start off with an intense training. Then, they eat a super rich lunch and take a nap afterward.

They have only two meals daily, but they are huge. Therefore, even though you exercise regularly, if you eat too much, you will gain weight. It is a fact that junk food and large meals are more powerful than exercising.

Therefore, your diet should be balanced, and you should also sleep well and be physically active. To eat healthy and lose weight at the same time check this > 2 week diet plan.


Hot baths prolong life

Hot baths relax the body, reduce stress, and stimulate circulation. According to the Japanese, they also help digestion, prolong life, and improve skin complexion. Experts believe that the perfect temperature is 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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